Saturday, April 3, 2010

allergy med free allergy season and the suckage that it entails

Okay. I'm nursing. (yay breastfeeding, great for my daughter, bonding, blah blah blah). The truth is nursing has a lot of down sides and it not the peaceful joyride often depicted for most moms and babies. I'm only complaining a little, and it's because it's allergy season and I can't take anything. I'm normally one who will have a headache and not take anything unless it gets unbareable. However, I am sleep deprived, working full time, playing with my infant full time, and not allowed to guzzle caffeine like I could a few years back...and now I can't take meds either.

So, here are the "natural" ways to get through allergy season:
Nasal rinses (netti pot is a life saver)
hot water instead of cold (it breaks up mucus and helps drainage so you aren't so clogged)
steam showers
regular vitamin dosage

and that's all I've been doing folks. It's been rough seeing as I am allergic to those damn bradford pear trees (which smell like fish, fyi) and they are in full bloom.

Two more weeks or so and it'll calm down....until then, more sleeping with kleenex shoved up one nostril.


  1. Vitamin C always helps me. Get some citrus of some sort and see if it helps! It can't hurt even if it doesn't :).

  2. HA! Well at least when Evelyn is being bad one day... you can remind her of what you went through for her. Maybe you should take a picture with the Kleenex?