Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Staying Healthy - Getting Harder

Motivating myself to go on walks every single day is really difficult. My daughter has settled down low into my pelvis making walking progressively uncomfortable and difficult. Who would have thought walking around the block would challenge my endurance like this? I'm finding quickly that laziness is a slippery slope. I keep telling myself all the excuses to justify not working out, not eating well, not drinking enough water. The truth is, I'm in the home stretch and just need to suck it up! The best trick I have for keeping on task with food is to ask myself "would I feed this to my baby?" Would I give my daughter a king sized reeses? Probably not. So I don't need to eat it right now. Especially without getting all the good foods too. So today I am eating healthy and taking the dog on a walk. Tomorrow will be another fight to convince myself to stay on target.

1 comment:

  1. My motivation for walking was walking can help me go into labor! I walked 2 miles at about 38 weeks trying to go into labor! Granted, I never walked that far after that day haha! I stuck to around the block after that!