Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Proof that diet and exercise pay off. Eating healthy and staying active through out this pregnancy has paid off. My daughter is measuring at 6 pounds 10 ounces right now, which is basically ideal weight and all her other measurements are right on. I've had perfect numbers as far as blood pressure, blood levels, weight gain, etc. go. I feel like staying active and healthy has definitely attributed to that. I'm full term now, so baby any day between now and a month from now (a due month is way more accurate than a due date). I might be a little uncomfortable at night and take longer to do things, but I am in pretty good shape.

I caught my reflection in a store window today and thought "it is INCREDIBLE that my body can do this!"

P.S. Saw Evelyn's face today when Doc did an ultrasound (I was the practice dummy for him to learn a machine). It was all smashed up like when you smash your face against a piece of glass...but still adorable.

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