Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer of Science: Bird Nest Dissection

With all of the storms and high winds that came late spring, my mom ended up losing a tree branch that had housed a bird nest. When she discovered it she brought it over for Evelyn to look at. 

We decided that it would be interesting to see what birds use to build their nests by taking apart this one.

Our nest consisted mainly of wet and decomposing leaves around the bottom of the nest. The leaves contained tons of little pill bugs, which Evelyn likes holding.

Evelyn had to hold all of them.

We also discovered that the nest was made of twigs and long, dried grasses that were wrapped around and around. The eggs that were left in the nest were hallow, smelly, and had dried yoke on the outside. We decided they were probably eaten by a predator.

The most interesting thing we found was a plastic walmart sac that had been woven into the birds nest. 

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