Friday, May 24, 2013

Preparing for Summer

Today is Little Bird’s last day of school, which means that I am working hard at home doing things I don’t like to do with her at home.

Child Free Preferably Activities

1.) Cleaning out child’s room for donations.

Sometimes I like to do things like toys with Little Bird at home. I like her to be a part of choosing toys that we are ready to give other children a chance to play with. Sometimes it can be hard, but she always impresses by making good choices when she is a part of the process. I do NOT like to clean out clothes with her. Ever. If she loves a dress, it doesn’t matter if the sleeves are so tight her arms turn purple, she will insist that it still fits and it’s her favorite and it’s beautiful. So in the last few days, I cleaned out all of her clothing by discarding all of the clothing items that were riddled with holes or worn and donating the clothing that was gently used.

2.) Cleaning out my bedroom.

Do you remember how much you liked to get into your mom’s shoes/jewelry/clothes/jump on her bed/knock over laundry baskets, ya know, all things that impede the process of producing a clean and neatly reorganized bedroom.

3.) Cleaning out the study.

Little Bird LOVES coloring on papers she finds out. Not the best idea to sort papers and supplies with her armed with a marker. It’s a swipe and dash to a quiet corner to destroy things I’d like to keep intact and sorted.


My favorite project I’ve worked on this last week was Little Bird’s closet. I resorted her toys, which I do every few months to make sure that things she is interested in and finds challenging are readily accessible and easy to put away. Since we don’t allow TV during daylight hours during the summertime, I want lots of choices available for her. You can only “color” so much.

Tomorrow starts a long, fun summer. There will be some truly rough days ahead with the anniversary of my son’s death coming up faster than I’d like to remember. But it’s also a summer of celebrating the fight. Our family is still together. We have a lot of life ahead of us.

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