Friday, February 22, 2013

Adventures in Tulsa: Tulsa Air and Space Museum


For Doc and I’s Engagemaversary (yep…that’s a thing) I gave him an Adventure Book. It looks like the one from Pixar’s Up and the first page says “Stuff I’m Going to Do”.

The pages after it list adventure activities near Tulsa for us to explore. All he has to do is pick which one he wants to do and I set it up! Some are drop by and easy, some require reservations. Some are family trips and some are clearly just the two of us.

We went on our first adventure trip last weekend.

Despite driving by it many times, we had never been to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

Our daughter loves planes and points them out all the time. We had been talking about going to see the airplanes for a few days. The only airplane she has seen up close is Doc’s remote control flyer that we fly behind our house sometimes.

So when we walked in to the Air and Space Museum, Little Bird gasped and dropped her jaw. It took her a while to let the size, color, and downright shiney-ness of the dozen some-odd planes suspended and parked around the room.

There were two different planes that allowed you to climb into the cockpit. In one of them, you could wiggle controls and watch the tail flaps move.



There were several interactive exhibits that Little Bird loved.


One of my favorite parts of this museum actually involved the staff. They are so well educated on the role that Tulsa has had in the aerospace industry. I had no idea that pieces of space shuttles were built here.


We spent two solid hours at the museum, which I thought was impressive considering that it was not an incredibly large museum. They do have a planetarium and the shows are included in your admission price.Had we called and checked planetarium schedules we would have stayed for a show. Our timing for when our daughter became tired sort of stunk. She was pretty well done about 45 minutes before the show we wanted to see at the planetarium started. It would have been nice to have timed our visit to place the show in the middle of our time there to break up the “museum”ing.

Still, we had quite a bit of fun. Not a bad first adventure!



Next up: "Post Oak Canopy Tour” Zip Lining in Tulsa!

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