Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Passive Aggressive Valentines


I saw an absolutely amazing Valentine’s Day product on Etsy. There are cards printed where they appear to have a rather hateful message, but if you read closely, there are small words between the bold ones that make them sweet. A “read between the lines” valentine.

The store owner sells a package with 6. I like hers…but I think I can write a few more. So here are a few of my own little ideas.

If you LEAVE ME I would feel so ALONE

I THINK WE SHOULD be together always. When we SEE OTHER PEOPLE you know they are jealous.

THERE’S never been SOMEONE who made me feel like nothing ELSE mattered but love.

and my last one

IT’S NOT YOUR looks that won my heart, it’s the beauty within you, BABY

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