Sunday, June 3, 2012

And The Hippie Returns

I am happy to report that after nearly a year of feeling like I couldn’t embrace my natural/nature loving self, I am back!  We are revamping and recharging our earth loving selves.

Step 1: Fewer toxins around Rowan the better!  He is on a diet of fortified breast milk now, which is wonderful because I was terrified that would never happen.

Step 2: We are simplifying our home by removing allergen collectors.  Goodbye carpet, hello laminate flooring! Easier to clean and healthier for kiddos with allergies.

Step 3: Cleaning products = vinegar and vodka.  Vinegar for normal services.  Vodka for things that need disinfecting.

Step 4: Family cleanse! We are all about local fruits and vegetables. Our paleo diet (we do Monday through Friday) consists of locally grown fruits, veggies, and nuts.  We are buying our meats at local butchers and attempting to do the same for eggs.  No processed anything during diet days.  Weekends off.  It’s working pretty well.  AND Doc and I are doing a 10 day juice fast starting Wednesday.  We plan on fasting while Rowan is in the hospital. 

Step 5: Time outdoors… and we are pushing to do all of that we can.

Simple. Greener. Stronger.  Forward-

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